RAMP Team App Instructions

RAMP Team App Instructions

Welcome to the PRA and the RAMP TEAM APP. RAMP TEAM APP replaces the need for each team to create (and manage) a TeamSnap account!

The benefits of using RAMP TEAM APP vs. TEAMSNAP:

  • No additional cost to teams
  • Automatically schedules (practice/games)
  • Complete association-wide COVID screening (player & bench staff)
  • In-team CHAT
  • Attendance Tracking (player & bench staff)
  • And more….

Ringette Ontario has mandated that all associations are using RAMP. As such, PRA is requiring that all of our teams utilize this system as well.  

NOTE: if you are already registered with the RAMP TEAM APP, using the same email address, from a past season or another association, do not attempt to create a new account ? SKIP TO STEP 3!

STEP 1: Download the RAMP TEAM APP

STEP 2: Create an account

  • Open the app
  • Enter Email: (must be the same email address you used in the RAMP REGISTRATION for your player)
  • Create Password:
  • Confirm Password
  • Enter Display Name (enter YOUR FULL NAMEDO NOT enter your players name or anything else!)
  • Wait for “verification code” to be emailed to you
  • Enter “verification code” and select “VERIFY & LOGIN”

NOTE: after logging into the RAMP TEAM APP in the next step, you will only see your TEAMS / NAMES ? if your player (or you as bench staff) are assigned to it by the PRAregistrar - contact registrar@parisringette.com if needed!

STEP 3: Update your contact info

  • After you successfully login to the RAMP TEAM APP, click the SETTING in the top right corner (gear wheel)
  • Verify/Adjust your: FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and CELL # (this will provide contact info to your team like TeamSnap)
  • Choose “UPDATE ACCOUNT” (you may have to press it twice to confirm changes)

STEP 4: Update email addresses so you can add additional family members (spouse/player access). *This will allow others to update availability and perform player Health Checks in the RAMP TEAM APP

  • Press the back arrow once to go back to SETTINGS
  • Choose “My Team Members”
  • Choose your players name
  • Here is where you need to ensure the email addresses are accurate, I recommend editing so that:
    • BOX 1 (email) = your players email address (if you want them to have access to the app)
    • BOX 2 (email) = your email address
    • BOX 3 (email) = your spouse/partner email address
    • BOX 4/5 (email) = if there are any additional parents
    • NOTE: We do not recommend added non-parents to the app at this time (grandparents, etc., until we have a better understanding of the app/system)
    • Choose “UPDATE TEAM MEMBERS” (you may have to press it twice to confirm changes)

STEP 5: REPEAT STEP 1-3 for each family member to gain access to the RAMP TEAM APP

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to:
PRA WEBMASTER - webmaster@parisringette.ca


Tell your Team Manager to turn
RAMP Team on!


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