Scorekeeper Instructions

New for 2022-2023 Season: Gamesheets are going electronic!

Ringette Ontario, working with their technology vendor RAMP has transitioned to using online electronic gamesheets for all games starting this season. All parent volunteers who will act as scorekeeper this season should review the information below.

Start by downloading the gamesheet app using the links below.

Next, review the Gamesheet app quick guide. Focus on pages 3 and 4 which provide instructions for scorekeepers:


It is recommended to review this video overview of of the Gamesheets app:


Never used the app before? Write things down.

When using the gamesheet app for the first time, it is recommended that you use write down the goals and penalties before entering them into the app, just in case there are issues. To help with this, you can print a paper copy of the official Ringette Ontario gamesheet. Note use of the app is mandatory and the game sheet is only used for note taking.  


And finally, review the FAQ below for common questions:



Q: What are the different codes used for?

A: When a game is created on the RAMP Games Portal, either a league or portal game, game sheet codes are generated. These codes are mandatory to access the electronic game sheet. When a game is created on the Games Portal, 4 unique codes are generated. 

  1. Home Team Code: Used by the home team to select player and staff for the game and for signing the game sheet.
  2. Visiting Team Code: Used by the visiting team to select player and staff for the game and for signing the game sheet.
  3. scorekeeper Code: scorekeeper will use this code to enter all the game stats during the game.
  4. Officials Code: Used by officials to verify accuracy of stats of the game and to sign off and make any comments on the game they wish to. 


Q: How will the electronic game sheet information be uploaded if there is no Wi-Fi or data connection?

A: Information that is entered into the game sheet app will be saved until a Wi-Fi or internet connection is made. If you are at a facility were getting a Wi-Fi connection is difficult, exit the building and find an adequate connection to enter the game sheet code before the start of the game.  Once back in the rink, enable airplane mode to stop the app from constantly trying to connect while using the app. After the game once you can find a reliable Wi-Fi or internet connection, the information you entered will then be uploaded automatically.


Q: Can teams add a substitute player to our team on the Gamesheets App and how can they do that?

A: Substitute players can be added to the teams. Coaches will be responsible for managing the roster and adding players prior to the start of the game. If necessary, the scorekeeper can add players as well. This can be done through the “ROSTER” tab and then by selecting either the Home team or the Visiting Team. The “ADD PLAYER” button is there and all information pertaining to that player can be added. Please note that all substitution rules still apply.


Q: Do scorekeepers need their own device (smartphone)?

A: Yes. Everyone that will be accessing the game sheet for their respective roles will need to have a smartphone on hand to access the RAMP GameSheets app.


Q: Can a laptop be used to scorekeep a game?

A: There is currently no web version of the RAMP GameSheets app available that can be used on a computer. There could be work arounds, but they can create significant problems and are not easy to navigate. It is advised that a smartphone be used so that the app can be downloaded to ensure that things are working as they should.


Q: What happens if there is a last-minute change and you have signed off the sheet earlier in the day?

A: This would depend on the type of information that needs to be changed. It is important that the information being entered is accurate the first time. Contact your team's staff for specific instructions.


Q: How are suspended players recorded? Who does this?

A: The scorekeeper is responsible for entering suspension information via the RAMP GameSheets app. This is no different than if they were recording a suspension issued to a player on paper game sheets. The same information now must be entered into the app.


Q: Is there a different code for every game? 

A: The codes will be different for each game. The same way you would have a different paper game sheet for each game. There are different codes for each of the roles for each game so that that information pertaining to that specific game is available.


Q: How do scorekeepers get their codes? 

A: Team staff will provide scorekeepers with the code prior to each game.


Q: Do the scorekeepers have to enter the official’s information prior to the game? 

A: Yes. The officials must provide their full name (first and last) as well as their RO Ref # to the scorekeeper so that it can be entered in the app. This must be done so that the information will be recorded on the electronic game sheet. An official signing in using their code for the game does not record their information on the game sheet. If an official does not have an RO ref #, they can provide the name of the city in which they reside to the scorekeeper who can then enter is into the field with the official’s name. (Ex: John Doe - City). This information will be used to contact the official in the event communication is needed.


Q: Can the same code, for example scorekeeper code, be in use by two separate people, or on two devices, at the same time? 

A: No. The app was not designed to allow this to happen. Please also note that access to the various codes for all the roles are logged. Each time someone enters a code to view a game sheet the system tracks who logged in and when.


Q: During the game, sometimes the on-ice official needs to see the game sheet, how does this work? 

A: The official can access the game sheet by entering the officials code for that specific game. The information that is entered by the scorekeeper will upload to the game sheet so that the official can see the details. If there is no Wi-Fi connection, and the information cannot be updated live, the official will have to go over to the scorekeeper to see the details via the scorekeeper’s device.


Instructions on how to complete a traditional paper gamesheet

Nepean Ringette has put together a great page with instructions and tips on how to perform the duties of the scorekeeper. Follow the link below to view the page.


You can also view a sample completed game sheet: Sample Game Sheet



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